Friday, February 1, 2013

Visiting the Travel Clinic.

We did it! We survived our trip to the travel clinic.

Actually, it wasn't so bad. It was at least marginally better than your typical visit to a doctor's office. It went like this...

  • Nurse Nancy asked us to recite our itinerary in great detail. Kinda fun.
  • Nurse Nancy told us that half of the locations were perfectly safe and required no special immunizations. Yay!
  • Nurse Nancy told us the other half would almost certainly leave us ending our trip with malaria, dengue fever, rabies and potentially a handful of other killer diseases. Crikey!

Perhaps it wasn't quite that bad, but by the time we were done getting "educated" we were a little concerned. The reality is that precaution is a good idea. We got a couple of shots (Jeff got four because he's not going to be in town for awhile!) and a prescription we must take a couple months before we leave. And those are just for the basics. We opted out of the really rare stuff.

This should leave us pretty well-protected from most semi-common threats (though according to Nurse Nancy, we're at serious risk of getting attacked by rabid man-eating monkeys in Cambodia).

Interestingly, the kids don't have to go to the doc until April. It turns out that the immunizations they already have for living in modern-world America pretty much do the trick for travelling the world. Go figure. They will each have to get a shot or two and participate in the prescription fun, but that's pretty small price to pay.

Total cost? Well Jeff is between insurance plans (long story) and the entire thing cost about $400 out-of-pocket for just him. More painful than the shots.


  1. Hello, I just saw your blog for the first time and I am amazed at your trip. Did you post a list of hotels where you're staying?

  2. We don't have a list of all the hotels. We can tell you that we're staying in nice hotels like Andaz in NYC and Aloft in Bangkok, thanks to hotel points. But more often than not, we're staying in privately-owned flats via AirBNB.

    Once the actual trip starts, we'll track all that on the blog.