Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tablets for RTW travel.

When you're planning on spending as much time in trains, planes and airports as we are next summer, boredom becomes a major concern. Luckily, modern technology has come to the rescue with the computer tablet revolution. iPads, Nexus' (Nexi?), Kindles and are really amazing for extended travel. 

We're not big shoppers, so last week was actually the first time we were all in a store where we could compare, side by side, all the prospective tablets for a around the world trip. We were impressed. Every single option we looked at seemed to work incredibly well and provide a good value for their price.

Our plan is to get a device for each one of us. We all have different needs. And while we are still evaluating things, and there is a possibility a new, more desirable device will show up before we push off, these are the tablets we're most seriously considering:
  • For Jen: iPad mini. She likes the size and weight and the fact that she is already familiar with Apple products.
  • For Jeff: iPad2. He already owns it. :)
  • For 11 y/o son: iPod Touch. He actually just bought this week after months of saving allowance earning money via extra chores. He likes the smaller size and how well it works for gaming. It's a device he hopes to use for years after our trip.
  • For 8 y/o daughter: Kindle Fire HD. This is probably the one most in the air. She likes that the screen is large enough for drawing/coloring apps as well as the large library of books. The price, while not cheap, is an overall good value. A Nexus is a possible substitute.
We'll see were things end up, but no matter what the options are amazing compared to even a few years ago.

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  1. Just remember to get special chargers for electronics for each type of country. Factor that in and it can get pretty expensive! I have two (electronic chargers) that you can borrow for Europe along with 4-5 regular charges for things like curling irons/hair dryers. the electronic chargers can run up to $30 each so you might consider asking around to beg borrow and steal all that you can!