Friday, August 24, 2012

RTW with air miles: the math.

It's official: we'll be able to come home. We just booked the last leg of our around the world trip using air miles/points. The final leg will take us from Siem Reap, Cambodia back home to Boise, Idaho, USA.

Total out of pocket cost for airfare for the four of us? $1,548.40. Seriously. Now, that doesn't include a couple of train trips we'll be taking. But of those, only one, the trip from Madrid to Barcelona, is physically necessary to complete our circumnavigation. 

Here are the details how much, in airfare and miles, it cost all four of us:

Boise -> NYC (stopover) ->Madrid $392 120k American Airlines
Madrid -> Barcelona (via train) n/a n/a
Barcelona -> London $160 70k BA/Avios
London -> (Paris via train) -> Istanbul (stopover) -> Bangkok $780.40 117k BA/Avios
Bangkok -> (Koh Samui via train -> Siem Reap via train) -> Seattle $205.20 130k United
Seattle -> Boise $10 50k Alaska Airlines
TOTAL $1,547.60 487k

We'll be adding to this in coming weeks as we tighten up the train trips. But the real lesson is that four people can go around the world for under $2,000! And we could have done it for much cheaper if we would have simplified our itinerary. 


  1. Nicely done! I've loved reading about this trip as it unfolds. Good luck with the rest of the planning.

  2. Wait. All four of you for this price? Or each of you?

  3. Yes, this is airfare, around-the-world for four people. I'm still shocked by it. We do have to by the Madrid -> Barcelona train tickets as well train tickets in southern Thailand.